Safety Training

As professionals MM Safety & Consulting Understand the need to prevent accidents caused by a lack of training. Our mission is to provide safety training tailored to the client's specific needs that meet OSHA requirements. As a result, you will prevent unnecessary costs, meet your company's production goals, and develop an optimal safety-oriented culture among your employees.

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Safety Consulting

Our highly qualified safety consultants develop, implement, and maintain safety programs that meet and exceed OSHA requirements to help our clients achieve a safer work environment. The foundation of a successful safety program is compliance with OSHA laws, but that’s only the beginning. The approach to safety management begins with creating and maintaining a strong safety culture at your workplace.

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Stupid Hurts

A large number of workplace accidents are preventable if we only take the time to ensure we are following the safety guidelines.  It is only when we get careless or decide to take shortcuts that we end up hurt- or dead.  At MM Safety we have a saying that sums this up: Stupid Hurts- The universal law of natural consequences and bad choices.

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MM Safety & Consulting

Since 1998, MM Safety & Consulting has evolved to become one of the most diverse and successful providers of safety and health services in the Permian Basin.   We provide insightful and interactive safety training programs along with professional safety consultation for the entire oil and gas industry.

We work hand in hand with businesses of all sizes and tailor our training programs to addresses all mandatory OSHA construction, general industry, MSHA, DOT and medical emergency response requirements. Our training programs are customized to address each client’s unique needs and activities. Plus, our training programs are available in Spanish and English.

mm-safety-logo.pngMM Safety offers training programs throughout the states of Texas and New Mexico, either onsite or offsite. Our experienced training professionals provide expertise in all areas involving:

• Safety Training & Health
• Safety Management & Consulting
• Safety Technical Support
• First Aid & Emergency Medical Response Services
• Fire Extinguisher & Emergency Equipment Services

At MM Safety & Consulting we work with our clients to develop formal health and safety programs.  We conduct site audits and develop risk assessment reports. Our safety programs are designed to help clients establish cost effective methods for air contaminant exposure monitoring, noise exposure assessments, lighting surveys and certification of breathing air systems. MM Safety is your complete professional safety and health solutions provider.

Our general and industry specific safety and health training programs are practical, easy to understand and designed to help our clients reduce costs as well as increase productivity, quality and profitability – while promoting and sustaining a safe and healthy work environment.


Approach to Success

We strive to implement and maintain safety programs that meet and exceed OSHA requirements to help our clients achieve a safer work environment.

Our highly qualified safety consultants have worked hard over the years to develop an effective process of onsite safety training. We know OSHA compliant safety training requires competent instructors and real class-room interaction to ensure worker knowledge retention. Because of this we ensure our students are involved with as much hands-on training as possible and we strive to keep them engaged throughout each of our courses.

Stupid Hurts...



Common Sense Isn't So Common...

If you are not on top of your game, do not do anything hazardous. Didn’t get enough sleep? Distracted by a troubling event in your life? Feeling a little light headed from prescription medications? If you are not mentally and/or physically sharp and at your peak, tell your supervisor and ask to be taken off of any potentially hazardous job. No one should work when their alertness or ability is impaired by illness, fatigue, or physical or psychological factors.

Safety Loves Consistency

Formal safety procedures are usually in place for those routine production jobs that most of us perform day in and day out. But, when something unusual or unexpected happens, these rules are sometimes not enough to protect you. Anytime there is an: equipment breakdown, change in procedures, or surprise please take a moment to reflect on what new hazards exist and how to address them.


Plan safety into every single job. Before beginning any job, have the right tools on hand and the needed PPE. If there is a job SOP or a safety JSA (or JHA) review and understand them before starting work.

Keeping an Eye on Safety

Wear safety glasses “at all times”. Some companies issue employees safety glasses and instruct workers to “wear them when needed”. This policy has resulted in many eye injuries. If you don’t wear your safety glasses at all times, you may forget to put them on “when they are needed”, or you may decide to not go get them because the task being performed will only take a moment.